This educational Javascript applet solves the linear time-history dynamic response of a multi-degree-of-freedom when subjected to an earthquake, so the input is a ground motion record of accelerations file. Last version of Google Chrome is recommended.

  • Shear building model: mass concentrated at storey levels, beams are infinitely rigid in flexure, as axially undeformable. Same weight and lateral stiffness is considered for each storey.

  • Preferred units: storey stiffness in [kN/mm], floor's weight in [ton].

  • From 1 to 5 stories, so far.

  • Export data is coming soon as well as user's ground motion record! (as in 1SDOF applet)

  • An alternative way to solve eigenvalue analysis problem using single value decomposition, svd. (Paper link)


Reference: Dynamics of structure, AK Chopra.