KISS: keep it simple, student (a polite variation). And here I would add: keep it simple and cheap!

For many year I have been exploring and learning about the electronics and codes embedded on new low-cost technologies. Initially just for fun and totally out of curiosity. However, over time, as knowledge and understanding grow, ideas on linking this with my own area of research are simply popping out. An outcome is this low-cost shaking table project that we built together with a group of students thanks to the support of Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype who was primarily looking for bringing fresher and funnier teaching tools into the classroom.

Do you want to build your own?, this is how to do it!


This is a cheap open-source based expandable shaking table for instructional and reasearch purposes. The unidirectional displacement is generated by a high-voltage servo motor, which is controlled by an Arduino board through a computer.

Hardware components and materials


Table control codes

Data acquisition codes