I have been teaching and mentoring students for several years, in different subjects and regions of the world. This has been undoubtedly the most rewarding experience as student and researcher. I have worked as Teacher Assistant (TA) at the University of Chile, Imperial College London, ROSE School, and University of Cambridge. I have co-supervised and mentored several undergraduate, MSc, and PhD students.

Please, find here a full PDF version of my CV

PhD Students co-supervision

  • Xiapeng Ding, Seismic response of Non-structural components. Imperial College London, commenced 2019.

  • Burak Sahin, Seismic response of composite structures. Imperial College London, commenced 2018.

  • Maria Liapopoulou, Effect of earthquake duration effects. Imperial College London, commenced 2018.

MSc Students supervision (selected)

  • Xiapeng Ding, MSc dissertation. Calibration of an open-source low-cost sensor for measurement of vibrations.Summer term 2019.

  • Jorge Cisneros, MSc dissertation. Inelastic drift demand on steeel structures. Summer term 2019.
    Award: Prize for Best MSc Dissertation in the field of structural steelwork by the BCSA.

  • Roberto Virreira, MSc dissertation. Inelastic displacement ratios fon non-structural components in steel moment resisting frames. Summer term 2019.

  • Maria Liapopoulou, MSc dissertation. Seismic collapse capacity assessment incorporating duration effects. Imperial College London, Summer term 2018.
    Award: The Patrick J Dowling Prize in Advanced Structural Engineering.

  • Xinzhi ¨Annie¨ Tang, MSc dissertation. Influence of the magnitude of tributary area on the capacity of the steel structure. Imperial College London, Summer term 2018.

  • Demetris Demetriadis, MSc dissertation. Examination of deterioration parameters for equivalent single degree of freedom systems. Imperial College London, Summer term 2018.

  • Fotios Andris, MSc dissertation. Seismic performance of composite moment-resisting frames including degradation. Imperial College London, Summer term 2018.

  • Thomas Greenleaf, MSc dissertation. Influence of strong motion duration on inelastic displacement demands of cyclically degrading steel structures. Imperial College London, Summer term 2017.
    Award: ABS Consulting Prize in Earthquake Engineering.

  • Carlos Moscoso, MSc dissertation. Optimisation of relative rtiffness storey ratio, β, incorporating cyclic degradation and ground motion frequency content. Imperial College London, Summer term 2017.

  • Cai Chen, MSc dissertation. Structural assessment and rehabilitation of steel structures codes comparison. Imperial College London, Summer term 2016.

  • Giorgos Haralambous, MSc dissertation. Seismic assessment of existing ateel moment resisting frames and local deformation demands. Imperial College London, Summer term 2016.

TA and Lecturing courses

  • University of Cambridge
  • Structural Materials & Design (College supervision, Michaelmas - Lent Term, 2021-2022)

    BIM and Digital Twins - CDT, Doctoral training (Michaelmas, 2021-2022)

    IA Statics (Michaelmas - Lent Term, 2021-2022), IA Dimensional Analysis (Michaelmas - Lent Term, 2021-2022), A2 Model Structures (Michaelmas Term, 2021), Structural Design Course (Michaelmas Term, 2020), Elastic Beams (Lent Term, 2021), Structural Design Course (Lent Term, 2021)

  • Imperial College London
  • Computational methods (Autumn, 2016), Dynamic of structures (Spring, 2017)

  • ROSE School, Pavia, Italy
  • Seismic design of steel structures (May-June, 2017)

  • University of Chile
  • Structural steel design (Fall, 2010), Dynamic of structures (Fall, 2011), General geophysics (Fall 2011), Dynamic of structures (Spring, 2012), Structural Analysis (Spring 2010), Seismic design of structures (Spring, 2010), Structural steel design (Fall, 2011), Advanced dynamic of structures (Fall, 2011)

Scholarships and awards

  • EEFIT Research Grant. The Institution of Structural Engineers, UK. 2018.

  • MEEES Scholarship, ROSE School, Pavia, Italy. 2017.

  • OC Trust PG, Imperial College London. 2017.

  • PhD Scholarship, National Council of Science and Technology, Chile (CONICYT). 2014 - 2018.

  • Ismael Valdés Valdés Award. Best three graduated students per university at national level. National Institute of Engineers, Chile. 2016.